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Boquete SHB EP 1000g


Tucked away on the eastern slope of the Volcan Barú is the small and charming mountain village of Boquete, known to produce some of the richest coffees in all of Panama. Thanks to it’s spacial climate, Boquete’s surrounding hills and slopes are primarily covered in shade-grown coffee plantations, providing a rich product recognized by international connoisseurs. Coffee is grown in some areas above 1650 meters. Coffee is mostly picked by the Guaymi Indians during the months of October through February. Coffee picking season is a festive time and colourfully clad indian familles come from various parts of the province to harvest the coffee cherries.

The Panama Boquete is a „Stricktly High Bean”, which refers to coffee that was grown above 1350 masl. The coffee is known to be clean, consistent, balanced with soft citrus tones, caramel, toasted almonds and a sweet aftertaste. A very nice coffee destined for connoisseurs.

4 400HUF

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Green coffee
100% Arabica
County of origin: Panama
Region: Boquete
Processing: Washed