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Fazenda Sertao Peaberry Yellow Bourbon Pulped Natural 1000g


Brazil is one of the largest coffee-producing countries in the world. Its impact upon the world's coffee market is decisive up to this day. In addition to the Arabica types that form the basis of espresso blends, Robusta coffee is also cultivated in the country, where one can find coffees that satisfy nearly all tastes.

From Brazilian coffees our choice fell on a Yellow Bourbon type, which is grown in the area of Sul de Minas located near Rio de Janeiro. This region is considered by some to be the best coffee growing area in Brazil because of the cool weather and the high altitude above sea level. The owner of the Fazenda is the Sertao Group, a family-owned enterprise that cultivates coffee over more than 200 hectares. Coffees grown in the farm achieved a remarkable position several times in the Cup of Excellence contest held annually in Brazil. The speciality of this coffee is augmented by the fact that it consists solely of peaberry coffee beans that are hand-picked from other coffee beans most of the time. The coffee is characterised by balanced acidity, chocolaty and fruity notes.

3 530HUF

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Green coffee
100% Arabica
County of origin: Brazíl
Region: Sul de Minas
Grower: Fazenda Sertao
Processing: Pulped Natural