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Yirgacheffe gr. 2 1000g


Owing to the wild coffee shrubs growing in Ethiopia up to this day, one may encounter coffees with various flavours combined with strong, surprisingly complex notes. The coffee cultivated on small farms and granges is not only a product sold for a living in Ethiopia, but the coffee consumption of the local population is also very significant. The veneration of coffee is expressed through a special coffee ceremony unique to the country. Among Ethiopian coffees, the most prominent ones are cultivated in the small, mountainous area of Yirgacheffe located in Sidamo that is regarded as the best coffee growing region. To the 1970s, the traditional dry-processing method was applied in the region, which has been replaced by now at many places by the washed processing method that further enhances the variety traits of coffee. As a result, coffees coming from there have a lighter texture.

The Yirgacheffee coffee within our selection has a fairly light body. Characteristically of Ethiopian coffees, this is very acidic, its taste and smell display an intense spicy, almondy character. It is recommended to everyone who loves coffees with extraordinary flavours.

4 190HUF

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Green coffee
100% Arabica
County of origin: Ethiopia
Region: Yirgacheffe
Processing: Washed