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Our company is committed to high-quality coffee consumption, which has recently undergone significant changes in Europe, and within that in Hungary. One fine café opens after the other offering excellent coffees. However, the quality of coffee consumption at home is still well below that level. Our goal is to provide help to those who are open to testing home coffee-roasting, a method that is still little-known in Europe.

10 arguments for home coffee roasting

  1. When roasting coffee at home, you can drink fresh coffee with rich taste and aroma every day.
  2. Green coffee is significantly cheaper, it costs one-third of the price of the same quality roasted coffee.
  3. You can bring about qualitative changes in your coffee consumption without increasing the yearly budget allocated for coffee.
  4. Coffee can be roasted in a pan, it is not necessary to buy a coffee roasting machine for that. Nevertheless, the latter can prepare better coffee of more consistent quality.
  5. Home coffee roasting is great fun.
  6. You can try a myriad of coffees from various parts of the world.
  7. You will always know the country of origin and the quality grade of green coffees you purchase contrary to packaged roasted coffees.
  8. It allows you to experiment with roasting and thus find the roasting level that suits your taste the most.
  9. Green coffee can be stored for as much as one or two years, and therefore several types of coffee can be purchased even in large amounts. In contrast, roasted coffee starts losing its aromas after two weeks, and after three months it should not be consumed.
  10. Coffee roasted by yourself makes an excellent gift. You can bring your friends and family members pleasure with it.

We hope that using the information and products available on our website everyone will be able to learn easily how to roast coffee and get acquainted with the inimitable aroma of home-roasted coffee!