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Coffee for practice 1000g


We at Let’s Roast Coffee believe in home roasting, therefore we would like to give an opportunity for the beginners to practise the roasting movements and getting to know our roasting equipment by using our very low price green coffees. Instead of starting to roast the most fresh and tasty – therefore the most expensive – green coffee, we suggest to get the first roasting experience with the cheapest coffee. The roasting method is the same in case of the cheapest coffee, however its taste can’t be guaranteed, that’s why we call it coffee for practice. The most important thing in this specific case is not the taste but learning the different phases of coffee roasting and getting as much experience as possible. You do not have to go for high quality green coffee to learn how to roast on a high level – for this you can use this kind of coffee.


We recommend this coffee for first roasting for those, who are not entirely confident that they will not start to over-black their super-green coffee or try their new roasting machine. We suggest to choose also one of our great and fresh coffees, as soon you will become a successful home-roaster, from there on you can go roasting!

2 990HUF

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Green coffee
100% Arabica
County of origin: different countries
Region: different regions
Processing: Washed, Dry