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Cold Drip Coffee Maker

Cold Drip Coffee Maker

18 400HUF

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Few people know it, even fewer make cold brew coffee, although on a warm summer day it is the most perfect coffee to drink while sipping in the shade. Its preparation takes approx. 1 hour, all you need is cold water (300 ml) and coffee (medium-grain ground, rather lightly roasted coffee), adjust the speed of the drip at the screw-controlled valve, and put it in the refrigerator. Believe us, you will be very surprised at how delicious it will be (because we were surprised too)!

One tip: rather roast coffee for yourself, because it’s hard to get the right, light roast coffee. We recommend it with light roast coffees because, in our opinion, the natural acidity of the coffees is particularly suited to a cooling drink, and unfortunately this process greatly emphasizes the bitter taste of roast, which suppresses other flavors.

Capacity: 0.3 l

Material: Glass and plastic