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Dripper set, 0,4 l

Dripper set, 0,4 l

9 990HUF

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Coffee dripper and heat-resistant glass coffee server with glass lid. Using the dripper you can brew 1-2 cups of filtered coffee with rich taste and aroma.

Brew Guide:

The method of brewing with the dripper is the same as the method of brewing with the Hario V60.

Place the paper filter inside the dripper and rinse it with hot water. Place the grounded coffee inside the paper (18-20 g/300 ml water) and pour 92-95 °C water over the coffee to moisten the grounds. Wait for about 30 seconds, then add more water slowly using circular motion (you can mix it once). Pour always as much water as drips down. Brewing time should be within 3 minutes.

Capacity: 0,4 l

Made by: Trendglas JENA