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Finca Teresa SHG Special 500g


This product can be bought in packets of 1 kg (here)!

Mexico is one of the largest coffee-producing countries in the world, the vast majority of coffee is grown in the southern-most states of Chiapas and Oaxaca. In the 70’s the INMECAFE organisation was founded by the goverment with the aim of supporting coffee cultivation among small farmers, but the organisation collapsed entirely in 1989 due to economic crisis. Afther this arose the first coffee cooperatives in Mexico in order to replace the transportation, processing and marketing arms of INMECAFE.

Among them the Cafetaleros Agroecológicos de Villacorzo was founded in 2015 at the municipio Villacorso, Chiapas. This group was created with the objective of pusuing an added valuue for their coffee, and not just deliver to a warehouse where it would be blended with other coffee that had lower quality and not traceability at all. It started with 57 producers, all indigenous people called the tzetzales from the region „Los Altos”. In 2015 they started the program „Por más café” together with Café California, due to roya (a coffe rust desease) they had to replant almost all of their farms. The new coffee plantations are between the mountains surrounding the village Villa Corso. The coffee has an average altitude of 1100 to 1500 meters above see level.

Cup profile:

Bright, lemon grass acidity, medium body with tabacco and mild caramell flavor. A sweet, uniform, very clean cup.

3 000HUF

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Green coffee
100% Arabica
County of origin: Mexico
Region: Chiapas, Villa Corso municipio
Grower: Cafetaleros Agroecológicos de Villacorzo (Finca Teresa)
Processing: Washed
Variety: Sarchimore, Mondo novo