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Glass Coffee Carafe with Funnel, 1,2 l

Glass Coffee Carafe with Funnel, 1,2 l

11 000HUF

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Heat-resistant glass carafe with glass funnel. Using the carafe you can brew 8 cups of coffee with rich taste and aroma.

The coffee brewing carafe (Chemex) was invented by Peter J. Schlumbohm, who combined a flask with a funell, completed it with a spout. This coffee brewer is easy to use and they are prized for producing a clear brew.

Brew Guide:

Place the paper filter in the funnel (you can also use it without the funnel) and rinse it with hot water. Discard this water from the carafe. Place the grounded coffee inside the paper (for 1 cup of coffee use the ratio 10 g/150 ml water) and pour 82-92 °C water over the coffee to moisten the grounds. Allow the coffee to expand, or „bloom” for about 30 seconds, and then continue the pouring in a circular pattern. Brewing time should be within 3-4 minutes.

Capacity: 1,2 l

Made by: Trendglas JENA