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Grade 1 CO2 DECAF 1000g


The production of coffee in Peru dates back to the 1700s. That is why it is mainly the older varieties of Typica that occur in the country. The climate and geography of Peru are very versatile. The mountainous areas suitable for the coffee production are located very high here. Several plantations are located above 1800 m providing thus excellent conditions for the production of high-quality coffee. Farmers typically work on small plots of 2-3 acres. They harvest coffee fruit by the hand and dry the green coffee in the sun.

The caffeine-free coffee offered by us was treated with CO2 process, which is considered to be one of the best methods of decaffeination processes, as it is free from all kinds of harmful solvents. The caffeine content of green coffee is released with CO2 gas liquefied at high pressure, which does not damage the other contents of coffee, and thus the flavours neither change nor deteriorate. 95-99 % of the caffeine content is subtracted during the process.

The coffee is full-bodied, yet sweet, and balanced in acidity, showing earthy as well as herbal traits. We recommend this to everyone who cannot consume caffeine, yet does not want to give up on the taste of good coffee. They will not be disappointed!

4 990HUF

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Decaffeinated green coffee
100% Arabica
County of origin: Peru
Variety: Typica
Decaffeination: CO2 method