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Green coffee selection 4x250g

zöld kávé kávépörköléshez

It is often very difficult to choose which green coffee we will like best by looking at the coffees, so we have chosen together a tasting package from our 4 special, very different green coffees. We give a quarter of a kilogram of each, which is exactly one roast in a pan (or 2 roasts in a roasting machine), so you don’t have to buy larger packs to find the green coffee that best suits you and your roasting level.

Buy the package and read everything about the origin and processing method of the received varieties on our website!

Who do we recommend?

We recommend it for beginner roasters who are not familiar with green coffee varieties and are unsure of their coffee choices. We recommend it for experienced roasters who like to experiment with green coffees but don’t want to buy larger quantities of different green coffees at once. Also, we recommend it to everyone else who is looking for an interesting gift for their friends and loved ones.

6 400HUF

The product is not available right now, please inquire through our contact information.

Green coffee
100% Arabica
County of origin: different countries
Region: different regions
Processing: different processing methods