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Hacienda Sonora Red Honey 1000g


Costa Rica is rightly famous for its high-quality coffees. Arabica has been grown there since 1729, and several varietals occur on the island, such as the Caturra, Catuai, Villa Sarchi, and Villaslobos. High-quality Arabica coffee bulks large in the economy of the country. Consequently, in order to protect Arabica, the growing of Robusta has been banned on the island in the meantime.

This excellent coffee in our offer comes from Central Valley, Hacienda Sonora, a site at the foot of the active Poás Volcano. On this farm 65 hectares are dedicated to shade coffee. The coffees grow amongst indigenous trees and other diverse vegetation that provide a great environment for quality. The coffees are processed in the Palmichal Mill, which was opened for the micro-lot program (5 to 100 bags) by the coffee exporter Ceca.

Cupping notes:

Fruity, sweet and delicate, with a winey acidity and notes of cherry, chocolate and hazelnut. Lighter roasting is recommended.

6 700HUF

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Green coffee
100% Arabica
County of origin: Costa Rica
Region: Central Valley, Sonora
Grower: Family Guardia
Processing: Red Honey