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Marcala, Barrío El Rincón Finca Clave de Sol


Marcala's coffee-growing area is located in south-eastern Honduras, near the Salvadoran border. The coffee farms are 1200-1600 meters high, where cool nights make the coffee fruit slower and sweeter. This was the first area in Honduras, which received the Protected Origin Denomination.

We met this coffee in a coffee tasting event and fell in love with it immediately. It’s no wonder, as only the world’s most expensive coffee, the Jamaican Blue Mountain can be considered as a better coffee – based on our coffee tasting experiences. The smell and the taste of this Honduras coffee reminds us of chocolate cakes, in particular the Somlói trifle (a Hungarian speciality). This is not that kind of coffee, which we quickly lap up due to the caffeine. This is the coffee that I slowly drink up after lunch with the dessert, or that is part of a nice conversation. In our experience, it is highly variable in coffee  and depending on the brewing method and roasting (resting), have fruity flavours might be discovered in it, which are typical for dry processing.

Cup profile:

Full bodied, strongly acidic with a definite caramel sweetness, smell and taste of black chocolate and hazelnut. Due to its acidity, we suggest a darker roasting for espresso.

5 730HUF

- +

Green coffee
100% Arabica
County of origin: Honduras
Region: Marcala - Barrío El Rincón
Grower: Clave de Sol, Dania Eunice Peñalba Pérez
Processing: Natural