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Pamwamba Peaberry 1000g


Malawi is a tiny little country in the heart of Africa with different coffee varieties. The first coffee plantations were established by missionaries in the 1800s. They introduced mainly Arabica coffee varieties. Production took place on small farms in co-operatives and on larger estates in the south of the country.In the recent years the country has focused more on coffee growing along with tea and other crops, which has resulted in the emergence of high-quality, East African-flavoured coffee in the market.

Pamwamba Estate is located in the southern part of the Thyolo Region, near Namadzi. The plantation is relatively young; coffee growing has been started here in 1979. The plant consists mainly of Catimor variants and SL28 coffee beans, which are replanted every 7 years to ensure a healthy, infection-free coffee crop. Only ripe, red coffee cherries are harvested by hand, 10 times a year, paying extra attention to quality.

Cup profile:

Well-balanced pleasantly acidic, cinnamon and pine nuts taste.

5 700HUF

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Green coffee
100% Arabica
County of origin: Malawi
Region: Thyolo
Grower: Pamwamba Estate
Processing: Washed