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Utengule Estate AB 1000g


While Ethiopia and Kenya are the countries that are usually named when talking about African coffees, the coffee from their neighbouring country has up to now been underrated. But Tanzania’s landscape offers excellent conditions, and according to experts, coffee from this country has a definite development potential. 

Utengule is a traditional village at the foot of the mighty Mbeya range at about 1400 meters above sea level, flanking the famous Great East African Rift Valley to the North-East. The Utengule farm was named after that village and it is no coincidence that Missionaries started coffee cultivation on the slope of these mountains at the beginning of last century. Excellent climate with warm summer and fresh winter, rich volcanic soils and good seasonal rains all favour the production of an Arabica coffee of outstanding quality.Utengule applies the classic East African system with disc pulpers, Aagard pre-grader, washing channel and natural fermentation. Thereafter coffee is sun-dried over 10 days and thereafter put in storage over 6 – 10 weeks for conditioning.

This coffee has a juicy body with flavours of berries and chocolate. It can be roasted at different degrees for filter, press or espresso brewing, but in light of its depth is likely best appreciated as an espresso.

6 200HUF

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Green coffee
100% Arabica
County of origin: Tanzania
Region: Mbeya Region
Grower:Utengule Estate
Processing: Fully washed
Variety: Bourbon, peaberry