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Whirley Pop coffee roster pan

Whirley Pop coffee roster pan

Weight: 0,7 kg
Size: 24 cm
Material: aluminium
Capacity: 150-350g
Producer: Wabwsh Valley farms

The Whirley Pop coffee roasting pot with manually rotating blade and with lockable lid provides an easy coffee roasting on the stove.

17 000HUF

The product is not available right now, please inquire through our contact information.


- metal gears

- rotatable blade

- cover with clip

- wooden handle and button

- easy to clean aluminum design


The stovetop way of roasting is a very easy way of coffee roasting, that is applicable either on the stove or on fire. Compared to to a simple roasting in an open pot, roasting occures in a closed area in a Stovepot, therefore the coffee can be roasted quicker and evenly. The handle-related mixing system ensures that the coffee is constantly mixed with the lid closed, and that the finished roasted coffee is easily poured out of the base thanks to the clip-on lid.


For the process and phases of coffee roasting please click here!